Every story needs to have a break and a pattern to get it going according to Margaret Atwood. Nothing is allowed to be perfect all the time. This includes a story. We have to know what is going to happen next. In keeping with my goals that I talked about in my blog, this is my game of 'What happens next...?' It is a game that my mother is a unknowing player as I just sent her the first few pages of a story that has been playing in my head for a while and asked her to write what happens next. I gave her a week to accomplish the goal. I will then continue the story for a week and pass it back. A game of tennis with a book.

Why you might ask am I doing this. Because my mother and I are similar in our writing skills and abilities; however, we do have some strong differences that I think will make for a fun and interactive read. So, this is our game....this is our story. It is a work in progress! Think of it as a Reader's Digest story, one you had to wait for the next publication to read...let the games begin!