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Moving is stressful

We recently bought a home here in interior Alaska! That makes me official right? Paying property taxes this high should come with a honorary badge of some sort- one that says Alaska will forever take care of you if you can afford to live here.

Tomorrow is moving day. We bought the home and signed papers over a week ago- but we took a week to prep the new home and pack our 5 person family. It is less than 24 hours out, half of my walls that I have been painting in the new home are not done, I haven't put the covers back over the light or electrical outlets, my children are 90% moved minus beds- but me and my husband- nothing is packed. Now don't judge, we work! I don't know what PJ's I want to wear nightly as my after work clothes. What if we decide to go to dinner, I need something to wear. Its like packing for a 3 day weekend trip- I have 17 just in case outfits waiting to go for these last 24 hours.

My husband is not appreciative of all of the work that I have been able to accomplish to this point. Why are we not packed? When are you going to put stuff into the $90.00 worth of boxes I bought? When are you going to take down the photos of the kids and transfer them to the new house? So many demands- so I took a break from my 1 hour of packing this morning and drank coffee and smoked. I officially have 5 boxes packed and 1 garbage bag of blankets. I love garbage bags for packing! You can fit so much into them and then its like a Christmas surprise when you break them open and wonder how did you cram all that crap into it.

Moving is so stressful! Especially when it is only 3.4 miles from where you currently are living. I move a lot, but it is always to another state. That is freedom! Throwing away all that health food you bought, not because it is rotten, but because you cant take- it makes you feel not so bad for wasting food. Now, I got to take the stuff with me! When should I take the milk? Will it spoil on the way there? I told the kids they have 17 hours to finish 2 gallons of milk just so I didn't have to worry about it.

Everyone in my new neighborhood is fit. I catch them all running, riding their bikes, standing outside waving and talking to each other. They haven't found me yet in the garage sneaking a smoke with a coffee and a chocolate bar. The pressure to get my summer body in order, too at least

interact with my neighbors is high. So I started taking my coffee with only two scopes of creamer and one scope of sugar. I have gain 3 pounds! What the hell.

Tomorrow is the official move in date. I have to work- praise be to the Lord! My husband and children are handling the big stuff and I get to come home and just relax from my stressful day of hiding out in my office, drinking coffee, and pretending to answer emails.

Pray for us. Pray for us all. Especially for my children, hopefully they still have two parents that love each other at the end of the day.

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