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My son, the editor....I think I just fired him

Months ago I alluded the to the fact that I was 39 years old and was learning how to become a writer. Well, now I am 40 and my son is making me question my next life goal.

Let me start at the beginning, my youngest son is the main inspiration for my book- not the characters per say, but the theme behind the book. He has a unique way of looking at the world and questioning theories and accepted beliefs that us normal people take for granted. For example, what makes a person evil? Is it the person's action or the person him/her self? What makes one crime acceptable and another punishable by death and who decided what the punishment would be? If the death punishment had never been on the table for murder, would we still believe that it was acceptable form of punishment? This is not to open a debate on death row, just a overview how how his mind thinks things through.

Enter in me- truly trying to put pen to paper on a book. I have most likely 6 notebooks of half ideas that never seem to pan out for a book. Books on my life, books on my military experiences, books on my family (names changed to protect the guilty of course), books on love and divorce (because I have had my fair share of those), anything and everything. Nothing worked out because I had nothing really to say. Until we went to dinner one night and starting talking about death. What is death? Why do religions have different theories on death? Has anyone ever cheated death for real? I love these conversations with him for my personal belief is death is the next great adventure. Don't judge, it is a peaceful thought to me.

One thought popped into my head, who manages death? Is there a book written somewhere and there is a secretary dispatching angles or death agents out to come down and pick us up? Do the death agents have competitions on who can collect the most souls in a day? Do they have regions that they work, like Jane has North America, Bill has Africa, and Cory takes the lower half of Asia? Do you get to chose when you die what your next adventure is? Like I am pretty sure that my mom would want to go ahead and head to heaven, but I think I would like a 'do-over'. Do we get the choice?

Any-hoo, this started the beginning of a book that I have actually made progress on. 6 pages down- I am on a roll! My son and I usually take a break every evening and talk through a concept that I am working on, and I am always engaged in these conversations as a good parent should be. So, please believe me when I tell you that I DO NOT like my son the editor right now. We are in a heated argument on the look of my main character. Not the personality, not the tone- the damn look. I wanted him to be a bit darker, Smokey gray eyes, and black hair. My son says that it is not believable. What?!?!?!? How is that not believable- I made the damn character up. I think he can look anyway I want him too.

To be fair, I didn't REALLY make him up, he is based on a person that may or may not have lived thousands upon thousands of years ago. But still, I haven't read any recent books on his life, he is actually just a side story on what not to do in life. So, I think I should be able to take a little artist freedom in his eye color.

My son is ignoring me now, I am trying to lure him with the smell of dinner- but he is not biting. Maybe tomorrow we can sit down and readdress my book. I should probably ask for a meditator to come over and help mitigate the arguments.

Smokey gray eyes? Really that is what is going to break this book?

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