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Summer has officially started. Teachers please take my children back!

That is it my fellow parents! We have made it through another year! A year of school lunch's, class parties, forgotten homework, hidden report cards, and in reality- parents 8 hours of freedom. I want to give a huge shout out to those who dealt with my children more in a week than I did- you are my hero. To those teachers who struggled to get 30 students to pay attention to them when I cant get mine off their phones during dinner- please share your secrets! To the lunch lady who always made sure my son had something to eat during the day when he conveniently forgot his lunch- I owe you a Christmas Card. You are all amazing! Can you please take my kids back now?

I struggle with summer breaks. Am I suppose to plan amazing weekend trips every weekend or every other weekend? Should I leave my teenagers alone, or should I try to get them involved in the community? Do I have enough food in the house? Will the house every be clean again? I know my oldest is going to drink all my coffee- I just know it! Then it will be World War III in this home.

School is over and I think that everyone passed. Shouldn't I know by now?

Its friday afternoon- school has been over for offically 7 hours and my youngest is already bored. I am running away!

Next weekend is the first big event for Pioneer Park. The Friends of the SS Nenana will be out there auctioning off picnic baskets to raise money for some much needed repairs to the upper deck. This is my first official event as a member of this organization and community and I am nervous. My summer body is not ready. Should I bleach my teeth to have a award winning smile? Should I wear official looking clothes or should I be decked out in Memorial theme shirts? Oh the decisions!

Saturday May 25th – Museums Day – Pioneer Park

· Living History

o Park Staff will be dressing up in period clothing

o Sewing Demonstrations at the Bag Ladies – Treadle, Hand Crank

o Train Demonstrations – Rail Drill, Spike Driving

o Mining Valley Tours- Gold Panning, Small Dredge exhibit, historical tours

o Air Raid Siren – Lend Lease Presentation

o Folk School – Spring Pole Lathe Or Shaving Horses

o President Harding at Denali Car – Raleigh Johnson working with Steve Mitchell – 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm. Bag Ladies Lunch, and Salmon Bake Dinner

o SS Nenana talks – Use of Cabin 7, set up by SS Nenana

o Wedding Photos in the Chapel – Did you get Married at the Chapel/Photos

§ Photographer is all set for Noon- 5 pm, and pictures are beginning to arrive.

o Wickersham House – Diary Readings, chairs around the porch- Noon, 2 pm, 4 pm.

o Pioneer Museum and Kitty Hensley House – open with cookies

· Car Clubs- Vernon Nash will be in attendance.

· Palace Theater presentations – Julie is considering this.

· New picture boards- with face cut outs around the park to take pictures.

· FAA- Creating an event passport – Prizes: Dinner for 2 at Salmon Bake

· Engine #1 will be running

· Free Balloons at Air Museum.

· Petting Zoo

· Face Painting

Sunday May 26th – Family Picnic Day- First 100 families will receive a Pioneer Park Picnic package.

· Car Clubs – Northern Lights Car Club with about a dozen cars.

· Picnic Games around the park

o SS Nenana talks – Use of Cabin 7, set up by SS Nenana- auction starting at 1p.m. for amazing picnic baskets!

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