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To be a writer- become a blogger

A few I have learned since starting my blog over a year ago- most people can only take so much history. Hell, I can only take so much history. My meme creators have been off their game lately, so I am running low on things to write about. While this makes me sad, it has opened the door for me to actually sit down and write my own words. So, what do I do? I research how to write a book. I bought two books on how to write my first novel entitled "your first novel" by writers who already wrote and published books. I researched on how to increase my blog reach. I did everything but write.

Now in my defense- I have a outline. I know my characters names. Thanks to my mother, I even know how they smell. And no one has gray eyes thanks to my Aunt Dana who was not a big fan of that idea. I know who my main character is- my dad and I have discussed him in depth through text message. I even have the ending completed. It is amazing, a work of art if you ask me. A jaw dropper, a end to a story with just enough rope left dangling that it will keep you up at night trying to guess if there will be a second book.

The middle part- the meat and potatoes is what I am now lacking. I did what my book told me- I wrote out the 3x5 cards of ideas and numbered them. I have stacked and restacked them until I knew that I had a best seller. Then the dog ate them. I am at ground zero. I am sad. I am angry. The dog is going to the pound tomorrow. Just joking, but he is most definitely not sleeping in the bed tonight.

So I made a cup of coffee and I sit here trying to decide if the main characters office looks like the Smithsonian castle with a fancy coffee pot or does it look like the Oxford library with a fancy coffee pot. I write a blog. We will worry about the middle part tomorrow.

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