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Too much information this day in age- I cant focus

Can I share something with you? Don't write a book with historical references! The pain is not worth it. Don't get me wrong, I am well versed in 18th century Ottoman Empire clay pipes, 12th Century Byzantine bronze appliques of the Virgin Mary, 1597 Geneva Bible pages printed by the "Printer to the Queens Moft Excellent Maieftie" Anno Dom (what does Maieftie mean?), and the mystery of the missing copies of the U.S. Constitution. However, since our last conversation I have maybe written 3 more paragraphs of my book (still the 1st chapter) and it was on Roman clay tablets. Inspiring? Not really sure about that.

I also know that Haruki Murakami has a set schedule of writing and running 10ks. Ernest Hemingway says to write in the morning until your empty but not too empty. Does that mean until my coffee cup or coffee pot is empty? I have a refillable coffee pot- this could be a issue. Henry Miller advises to write first, then do human things. Does he mean drinking? I hope he means drinking because I have been doing that a lot since I decided to be a writer! Kurt Vonnegut drank 'several belts of Scotch and Water' every night because it was cheap at the local liquor store. I can get behind this thought process. Maya Angelou rented a hotel room, took everything out of it and wrote everyday. I don't have that kind of money. Khaled Hosseini doesn't even use a outline because it boxes he him. Wait, didn't one of my 'How to write a book' say I had to write a outline? A.J Jacobs wrote his book while walking on a treadmill- 1,200 miles for his book to be completed. I need a new treadmill!

The point is, sometimes in life it is easy to get drawn away from your purpose. My purpose is to get the first chapter completed before the end of September (I started it in July). My goal is to get more than 20 people to read my blog- I have 22 people in my family, someone is slipping on me! My goal is too move past the damn office of my main character!

My goal is to get to the local liquor store and get some more of that fabulous raspberry vodka that I discovered 2 weeks ago and to maybe buy a new treadmill.

Get your shit together Rose!

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