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Up is down and down is up....finding the truth of American History

I took a break from my blog for a while as I was going through a major life crisis of retiring. What I thought would be a easy transition from one career to another led my down a rabbit hole of questioning my own self worth. However, as all children do- I called my mother for advise. She told me to stop complaining, put some makeup on, drink a cup of coffee, and start doing what I love to do. And as all good children do- I ignored her. I drank coffee, watched videos on how to put on makeup, and have almost finished 7 seasons of Gilmore girls while eating red vines.

However, the recent events of our country has got me questioning what the hell did I go to college for if I am not willing to have a voice in our current society. Now, this is not at all a political movement that I am forcing down anyone's throat. Nope, I will leave my opinions to myself and instead address the memes on American History. What I have seen the most of is a small, quick, un-detailed meme of a highlight of our American past that can fit on the screen of Facebook and Twitter- but no explanation of that events other than what can fit into 2 sentences. Then, because I am almost done with Gilmore Girls and I am running out of red vines- I start reading the comments. Oh, the horror! Oh, the anguish! Why are people attacking the school boards because they don't know something about American History?

Put down the self-help magazines, put down your Facebook and Twitter apps, stop watching you- tube on make-up tutorials, and recipes for the latest diet fab....and start doing your research. Not the School Boards problem that you failed to continue your education on your own by continuing to learn. No its the problem of the society that believes that someone else should feed them 243 years worth of history.

Enough rant- this is my way to confront and combat these comments- I am going to take a random 'historical' fact meme that I find on Facebook and I am going to do the research for you and then talk about the true story behind the meme. Now, this works out for me, because with as much coffee and red vines that I have consumed since retiring, I do believe I am the right person for the job and am prepared to offend and defend anyone, any place, and any event with the historical facts.

I am pretty pleased with this plan! I am ready for the challenge. Don't tell my mom that she was right. The first event will be the Tulsa Race Massacre (May 31, 1921 – Jun 1, 1921). I have seen hundreds of memes and comments on this- with no historical facts to any of them- so lets explore the facts, lets find out what really happen, who was involved, and most importantly what was the outcome of the situation. Were laws changed? Did people move? What are the published works on the event so that you can do your own further research if you want. What do you say? Want to learn the history with me? Lets try it out...what harm can happen by learning our own countries history?

Stay tune for tomorrow- maybe tonight- depending on how long my husband allows me to use the fancy computer.

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