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Well, that did not turn out like I thought it would....

I think that I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I was in the midst of a writing challenge. 50,000 words in the month of November. It seemed easy in the beginning. I worked on my outline in the month of October, the puppy ate it, I wrote another one. I had the names of the characters, I knew what they looked like, I even knew what they smelt like if you were standing next to them. Cain smells like pine and rain to me. Ruth smells like apple pie and coffee.

November 1st! I was ready. I woke up at 0300 to get my month going! I was going to knock out 50,000 words, a 50 mile running challenge, work, clean, get Christmas decorations ready, knit 14 scarves for veterans for Christmas, go grocery shopping, talk to my family, make amazing meals every night. November was my month when I was going to get it all done! I was going to be a real grown up.

Fast forward to today. I just got back from a lovely lunch with a friend, dropping off Holiday Cards to a volunteer, and had ordered groceries on line. I sat down with my luke warm cup of coffee that I had left behind sadly when I went to run errands and I was going to finish the famous love scene. And then it all went wrong. The shopper keeps texting me that they don't have the all important ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I realized that I did not take my turkey out on time for it to be fully defrosted, the Christmas decorations are still hidden away in the attic- not ready to be put up tomorrow, people are texting me wanting me to do things for them, I have only 13 miles checked off on my 50 mile run log (no way that I am going to catch up in 5 days left in the month), and the dogs wont leave me alone (in, out, in, out...bark, bark, bark)...ughhhhhh.

Why didn't I just take on the maddness of Wal-Mart Pre--Thanksgiving shopping? Why didn't I make a fresh cup of coffee? Why did I not turn my phone off? Why do I have three damn dogs, in Alaska, in winter? So instead of a amazing love scene where Cain tells Ruth what he does, she accepts him for all his faults, and they know that they will be together forever- they just broke up on top of a hill where she yelled at him for not taking the damn Christmas tree out of the attic and leaving her to make Thanksgiving dinner all by herself.

By the way- I am over the half-way mark. Of course, if things keep going in the direction it is right now- everyone dies in the next three pages.

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